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April, 2012

  1. Week 7

    April 30, 2012 by laurenm600

    This is my week 7 drawing of a sunset. This sunset is made by me and my friend Carrie! Make sure you visit her blog.  

  2. A-Z poster on work

    April 19, 2012 by laurenm600

    This week for the week 6 challenge we are doing “Lets Work.” My choice is that I am going to do the A-Z job list! 

    A: Actor 

    B: Bookkeeping clerk

    C: Coach 

    D: Doctor 

    E: Electrician 

    F: Farmer 

    G: Gardener 

    H: Human Research Assistant 

    I: Internet administrator

    J: Judge 

    K: kindergarten teacher

    L: Lifeguard

    M: Musician 

    N: Nurse 

    O: Orthodontist

    P: Polit 

    Q: Quarterback

    R: Reporter 

    S: Social Worker 

    T: Teacher 

    U: Urban Planner 

    V: Veterinarian 

    W: Writer 

    X: xylophone player

    Y: Yarn Maker

    Z: Zoo keeper

    Also make sure to visit my post about my future job

    What would you like to do as your job!! Comment your answers bellow!! 

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  3. Global Connections

    April 9, 2012 by laurenm600

    For week 4 in the blogging challenge we went global! I focussed that in many places around the world people are having issues with their medical needs. I found that Mission of Hope Haiti(mophaiti) is an organization that can help with this. Right now I will be talking about the medical needs in Haiti. Some things that the hospital is providing are a full operational outpatient clinic, mobile clinic, prosthetics lab, and a community health program. One thing that can help with their health is clean water and yet about 50% of the water projects fail. Some of their future plans are to expand their hospital to further meet the medical needs there. You can help Haiti by going on a mission trip there. Some other organizations that you go to is Water and Health, Hunger: Not a Game, and CAMFED USA. How will you help? (comment your answers!!)




  4. Photo Gallery

    April 9, 2012 by laurenm600

    This is the week five post for the Student blogging challenge. I choose to do the photo gallery because it is a fun and easy way to explain some of my favorite things!!



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