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April 9, 2012 by laurenm600   

For week 4 in the blogging challenge we went global! I focussed that in many places around the world people are having issues with their medical needs. I found that Mission of Hope Haiti(mophaiti) is an organization that can help with this. Right now I will be talking about the medical needs in Haiti. Some things that the hospital is providing are a full operational outpatient clinic, mobile clinic, prosthetics lab, and a community health program. One thing that can help with their health is clean water and yet about 50% of the water projects fail. Some of their future plans are to expand their hospital to further meet the medical needs there. You can help Haiti by going on a mission trip there. Some other organizations that you go to is Water and Health, Hunger: Not a Game, and CAMFED USA. How will you help? (comment your answers!!)





  1. Dawn Hangen says:


    This is a great post to bring attention to the assistance that is needed in Haiti. My brother does missionary work in Togo, West Africa, and he works with Water4Togo. They help drill wells for fresh water and train the people to drill new wells and maintain them. In order for fresh water efforts to succeed in Haiti, they will need country wide education on the benefits of clean water. It is so amazing that you used the blogging challenge to bring attention to the needs of others! Great job!

    • laurenm600 says:

      Wow, that is so good for you brother! I am so happy that he is helping with Africa! I hope he keeps up the great work!


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